Weekly Summary for MCR SUMO

You can get what you want out of Life, if you help enough users get what they want!

SUMO stands for MOzilla SUpport and it includes support areas like the Support Forum, the Army of Awesome, Localization of help articles and the writing of new help articles.

This is the weekly report on contribution through SUMO

Deepanshu Thakur

You can find my twitter profile https://twitter.com/DeepanshuMSA and my IRC nick is fxmozdeep

  • I have replied to 103 tweets with almost 75% success rate (the response helped solve the User’s problem).
  • I have helped training new contributors on how to perform well in AoA.
  • I have helped moderate the #AoA IRC channel on the Mozilla server.
  • I have helped guide new contributors on how to find out about SUMO and SUMO operation.
  • I have responded 14 times in the Support Forum resulting in 2 Solutions and 4 helpful replies.

    Be Happy! Keep Contributing! 🙂