Weekly Summary for MCR App-Dev

If i sum-up the train thoughts of an app developer in two words then it would sound like this: ‘Enticingly Intriguing’. In fact its true that every developer is uniquely distinct. And there work reflects it. Like wise we at Mozilla Community Rajasthan have this mutant gene of creativity which is at its full pace to an evolution. We had some very interesting turns of events and amusing interactions of talents @MiniCamp’14, Jaipur. No-doubts, it was to meant to produce an impulse of imaginations which lead to great apps. So here is the summary of this week’s App-Dev
Md Shahbaz Alam
August 25, 2014
 have made an app called “Programming in C”
Hitesh Aswani
He has made an app called “Wonders of the world”. you won’t need to go anywhere to look for the world’s wonders, its all in your mobile. 
Hitesh Verma      
Attended Mini Camp’14, That was Really Awesome
-Started Developing a C tutorial app.
-Conduct a Session on “Android Rooting and installing Roms” 
Ashwin Devarajan    
– Attended MiniCamp Jaipur, also meet some wonderful people.
– Started developing an app called Moments.