People’s faces glitter with happiness and excitement when they hear things like App making, App dev, Web maker. But when we talk of Localization there is no sign of excitement and it is one of the most if not the most under-loved contribution vertical out here in MCR. The scenario is so not because localization is hard but because it is time consuming and even boring sometimes.

It may be not as interesting as App maker, Web maker but it is no way less important than any other contribution vertical. No software can claim to be  truly global/international if it cant speak the language of the region it wants to serve (You guessed it correct like Hindi for Hindi speaking part of India). We see Mozilla as an international phenomenon and want it to continue serving the whole world. Don’t we? So we should come and play our part in helping Mozilla to be a truly (more truly) Global phenomenon even though the work is boring but we will continue to do it because we know beyond the wall of boredom is the blue sea of Goodness that fights for user privacy and what not.

While Localization is not hard but it can be hard for begineers (we all have been there). So people who are not comfortable translating an entire article can look for article that requires only minor edit and I am positive that in due time they will be translating not one but dozens of article faster than speed of sound (speed of light is way too fast). The good thing about Mozilla is that they acknowledge you for even the minor edits. If you cannot find those articles which require minor edit we can hand pick them for you and put the link on etherpad.

courtesy : Talha Anwar

Moderator : Meghraj Suthar, Talha Anwar


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