Monthly summery for MCR SUMO

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up. SUMO stands for Support Mozilla! It has 4 major contribution areas!

  1. Army of Awesome – Army of Awesome or well know as AoA is one of the core contribution area of Sumo! It deals with helping users on Twitter! Suppose how awesome it would be if a user tweet about his issue and someone reply to that user and solves his query! Sounds interesting? Yes that’s AoA, all about helping users!
  2. Support Forum- It is a back-bone of Sumo! Sumo soul leaves in it. Helping users on support forum, answer their queries and making them happy is all about Support Forum!
  3. Localization of help articles- How awesome it would be if you can find helpful articles (technical and non-technical) in your mother tong! Yes that would be awesome and localization is translation articles in many languages!
  4. KB articles- Knowledge Base articles are help articles and believe me it is very useful for users and developers! We can conclude that it is very useful for everyone!

This is the monthly summery of Sumo

  • Deepanshu Thakur (fxmozdeep on IRC) is now the Moderator of Army of Awesome and #AoA IRC channel on the Mozilla server.
  • Deepanshu Thakur have replied 398 tweets with almost 80% success rate.
  • Deepanshu Thakur have helped training new contributors on how to perform well in AoA.
  • Deepanshu Thakur have responded 11 times in the Support Forum resulting in 2 Solutions and 1 helpful replies.

Be Happy! Keep Contributing! 🙂


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