Mozilla Community Rajasthan (MCR) is going to celebrate its first anniversary and believe us this is going to be huge!! This event will let the attendees to gain keen knowledge of different contribution verticals of Mozilla by the people who are already expert in respective zone.
This event will surely make a big mark in history of MCR, so grab your opportunity and register for the event


Monthly summery for MCR SUMO

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up. SUMO stands for Support Mozilla! It has 4 major contribution areas!

  1. Army of Awesome – Army of Awesome or well know as AoA is one of the core contribution area of Sumo! It deals with helping users on Twitter! Suppose how awesome it would be if a user tweet about his issue and someone reply to that user and solves his query! Sounds interesting? Yes that’s AoA, all about helping users!
  2. Support Forum- It is a back-bone of Sumo! Sumo soul leaves in it. Helping users on support forum, answer their queries and making them happy is all about Support Forum!
  3. Localization of help articles- How awesome it would be if you can find helpful articles (technical and non-technical) in your mother tong! Yes that would be awesome and localization is translation articles in many languages!
  4. KB articles- Knowledge Base articles are help articles and believe me it is very useful for users and developers! We can conclude that it is very useful for everyone!

This is the monthly summery of Sumo

  • Deepanshu Thakur (fxmozdeep on IRC) is now the Moderator of Army of Awesome and #AoA IRC channel on the Mozilla server.
  • Deepanshu Thakur have replied 398 tweets with almost 80% success rate.
  • Deepanshu Thakur have helped training new contributors on how to perform well in AoA.
  • Deepanshu Thakur have responded 11 times in the Support Forum resulting in 2 Solutions and 1 helpful replies.

Be Happy! Keep Contributing! ūüôā

Weekly Summary for MCR App-Dev

Another end to a week of good response from the app-developer in the community. In-fact we are seeing a diversity in the ideas for the app. looks like coming weeks will be much more exciting and innovative.
summary for the week : September 13-19, 2014.
Khushbu  Parakh
September  22, 2014
Attended mini camp 14,a wonderful experience 
Working on an app “Coadjuvancy” (wildlife cooperation).
Prince Soni

Weekly Summary for MCR SUMO

You can get what you want out of Life, if you help enough users get what they want!

SUMO stands for MOzilla SUpport and it includes support areas like the Support Forum, the Army of Awesome, Localization of help articles and the writing of new help articles.

This is the weekly report on contribution through SUMO

Deepanshu Thakur

You can find my twitter profile and my IRC nick is fxmozdeep

  • I have replied to 103 tweets with almost 75% success rate (the response helped solve the User’s problem).
  • I have helped training new contributors on how to perform well in AoA.
  • I have helped moderate the #AoA IRC channel on the Mozilla server.
  • I have helped guide new contributors on how to find out about SUMO and SUMO operation.
  • I have responded 14 times in the Support Forum resulting in 2 Solutions and 4 helpful replies.

    Be Happy! Keep Contributing! ūüôā

Weekly Summary for MCR App-Dev

If i sum-up the train thoughts of an app developer in two words then it would sound like this: ‘Enticingly Intriguing’. In fact its true that every developer is uniquely distinct. And there work reflects it. Like wise we at Mozilla Community Rajasthan have this mutant gene of creativity which is at its full pace to an evolution. We had some very interesting turns of events and amusing interactions of talents @MiniCamp’14, Jaipur. No-doubts, it was to meant to produce an impulse of imaginations which lead to great apps. So here is the summary of this week’s App-Dev
Md Shahbaz Alam
August 25, 2014
¬†have made an app called “Programming in C”
Hitesh Aswani
He has made an app called “Wonders of the world”. you won’t need to go anywhere to look for the world’s wonders, its all in your mobile.¬†
Hitesh Verma      
Attended Mini Camp’14, That was Really Awesome
-Started Developing a C tutorial app.
-Conduct a Session on “Android Rooting and installing Roms”¬†
Ashwin Devarajan    
– Attended MiniCamp Jaipur, also meet some wonderful people.
– Started developing an app called Moments.


Weekly Summary for MCR Webmaker

Md Shahbaz Alam 
Made a thimble on ‚Ä™#‚ÄéMiniCampJaipurFollowup‚Ĩ.¬†Contestants were asked to make thimble or popcorn based on their event’s expectation and how they fell after attending this event. They were asked to brief a bit about their future contribution’s plan(s).
Mahtab Alam
01 Sept.,2014.
He has made a popcorn on JNUWebDay. Contestants of JNUWebDay @ Saras Parlour were asked to make thimble or popcorn about the event.